GCP – FinTech R&C : FinTech Risk & Compliance – Professional

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The course aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills of managing risks in using new financial technologies.

Many organizations are embracing new technologies to better serve their customers, innovate products and services and use technology to make their operations more efficient. Technology-driven innovation represents an opportunity, yet it also creates a new area of Risk which needs to be monitored.   Managers or executives need to get better acquainted with the risk management implications of the technologies.

In particular, Fintech companies are on the rise and rapidly replacing traditional banking functions with smart technology. Banks and credit unions are collaborating with fintech companies to offer customers quick and convenient access to an array of banking services, including automated online payments, fund transfers, personal loans, investments, and more.  Although fintech’s create a more convenient experience for customers, there are some major risks which both banks and fintechs need to consider.

In response to this trend, this course is developed to provide participants with the knowledge needed to anticipate potential risks of the emerging technologies; with a focus on financial industry.


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