GCE | FinTech : Fintech Frontiers – Introduction To Fintech

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The financial world is undergoing exciting and significant changes; changes that not only impact financial institutions and businesses but also touch the lives of each one of us. Because the way we pay, how we save, how we invest, or how we transfer money is all connected to the financial world. That is why, whether you are a banker, an engineer, a lawyer, a doctor, or a student, understanding this evolving fintech landscape is very important and this is what makes this course so relevant for you.

The bootcamp covers some of the most disruptive Fintech topics of today, such as Blockchain, Decentralized Finance, Crypto assets, Central Bank Digital Currencies, Digital Banking, Open Banking, Open Finance and Buy Now, Pay Later. The course also explains the various business models and real life applications of these emerging trends. Additionally, the course explains these complex topics in a non-technical way.

This Bootcamp will give you a strong understanding of the key concepts used in fintech, and uses practical examples and case studies with references to multinational banks, fintechs and of course central banks and financial services regulators from around the world.

Each lesson is a compact modules, ideally suited for a busy schedule and brings to life a particular segment within fintech.


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