GCAI | DA : Artificial Intelligence And Data Analytics

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As the volume of available business data expands, the winners in tomorrow’s marketplace will be those who can generate insight from information. Yet, many leaders feel daunted by the sheer amount of data out there. Many others make the critical mistake of looking for patterns in the data they have, instead of framing productive questions to shape the data they need. Competency in this area is so lacking, a recent Gartner study predicted that by 2020, 80% of organizations will initiate deliberate development programs in data literacy.

Many of the ideas, methods and principles that describe the best business data and analytics practices were explained in this Bootcamp. You will learn how to “think data” the Booth way. They develop the critical and creative reasoning skills needed to frame a data analytics project, collaborate with data specialists, and ultimately make evidenced-based decisions that drive results — without sacrificing speed and agility.

Master the ins and outs of data analytics from foundational topics in data management with Excel and SQL to data cleansing and preprocessing using Python’s highly sought-after functionalities – Pandas and Numpy. Complete your analytics toolkit with the full range of data visualization tools you’ll need to become a compelling data storyteller. Featuring insights into the SQL interview process and a tutorial on date and time value manipulation in Python to give you a strong leg up over the competition.


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