AlBrza Knowledge X

Learn Future Skills & Technology

Knowledge X, allows everyone to attend advanced & specialized sessions in technical fields, entrepreneurship, with minimal fees to enable learning for all in all Emerging Technology Domains.


Live & Self-based Courses Focused Emerging Technologies Domains

Live & Self-based Webinars Focused on Emerging Technologies Domains

Programs within Emerging Technologies Domains

1 Week up to 6 Months Bootcamps within Emerging Technologies Domains

Special Programs that integrate with Existing University Programs to Support Market demands

Set of Series, Interviews & Podcasts from Emerging Technologies Experts sharing their Experiences

Set of Series or Interviews from Youths sharing their Experiences how they succeeded

Future Skills

Courses teach you essential skills to instantly impact your career. Helping you get started quickly

Courses & learning tools and tailored career advice you need to learn more effectively and prepare for your next job

Reskill and Upskill your skills or your employees to adapt to Future changes, which impacted lots of jobs or soft skills

Research HUB

The Only Hub in MEA Region that will support scientists and Emerging Technologies researchers to share papers, ask and answer questions, and find collaborators.

Advisory Programs

A Program that will help you to Trade in Cryptocurrency safely, with Mentorships, advice, and many other

A Programs that focused to make the cyberspace safe for all kids & the communities around it.