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Throw a private, peer-to-peer networking and education community focused on Emerging Technologies, business engagements, Startups & Entrepreneurs.

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I Am Ramy AlDamati.

AlBrza Co-Founder & CSO

MEA ONEEE Club President

With 20 years of Cybersecurity & Emerging Technologies expertise, happy to connect and network with all MEA & Global EmTech like-minded to support and grow with each other, it is my mission to provide members with the entry point to boost their business and network.

Becoming a member means you belong collectively, to a very divert group of international business minded people. Begin a member means you care about your business and your community.


What will be our Activities ?

Complete Offering to Maximize our success together

Regular Meetups & Events

Business Supports

Initiatives & Awards

Leadership Exchanges

Market Expansion

Media & Publicity Support

Exchanges Business Opportunities

Global Network & Partnership

Investments Opportunities

Friendships, Stratigic Partnerships

Different Business Directory

Different Professional Directory

Grow Your Network

To stay ahead of your competitors


A Membership in MEA ONEEE provides the platform to engage with Emerging Technologies community members who are facing similar challenges.
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The essence of MEA ONEEE Membership is your personal network of fellow senior EmTech professionals & Entrepreneurs with a background in Business, technology, Marketing, Strategy, public policy and law enforcement
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Have Knowledge or theory on how best to address an emerging technology challenge or industry use case – there’s no better way to present your ideas and influence a conversation than engaging with fellow EmTech members.
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Membership in MEA ONEEE Club is your gate to learn and be educated on a range of Emerging Technologies topics on your schedule. Or you can be one of professionals responsible for developing and delivering Recorded sessions on AlBrza Platform or delivering in-person events / Trainings supported by AlBrza.
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you can be part of wide engagements of mentorship engagements that we have with our Partners, Universities & our Gov or none Gov network, to made a difference in achieving their employees / Students goals. Member-to-member mentorship is a key component of the overall MEA ONEEE programs.
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Establishing a personal brand in the community of senior EmTech professionals is a ‘must-do’ on the list of professional Branding goals for every MEA ONEEE member.
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MEA ONEEE’s community reach is global. Our members bring a wealth of EmTech experience in their background, have a wide reach within their own network and have significant authority over EmTech matters within the organizations they represent, or the regions they are in.
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The biggest advantage of being a member of any community is the ability to communicate with fellow members and solve issues facing the community. This ability is at the heart of MEA ONEEE and every interaction during board meetings, summits and regional events provides opportunity to communicate.
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