Specialized Emerging Technologies & Startups Conference in MENA Region ( 3rd Edition - 2022)

A conference that focuses on gathering technology business leaders, Startup industry experts, and academic leaders, shaping the future of EmTech & startups in the MENA region. The conference facilitates a unique and elaborate learning experience for key stakeholders in Emerging Technology domains. Participants maximize opportunities for partnering while engaging with global thought leaders at the conference.

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Conference Certification

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Certificate of Attendance or Appreciate

Internationally Accredited & Generated by a Blockchain system

We Appreciate everyone time and efforts, either if you are a Speaker, Moderator, or Participant in one of our Events, Courses, Sessions you will receive an internationally accepted Certificate of Attendance or Appreciations, with some CPEs credits to support your journey in Continuing Professional Education (CPE), and maintain your career certifications from some International bodies, like PMP, ISACA, (ICS)2, etc.

Frequently Asked Question on CPE

Continuing professional education (CPE) is ongoing training that is required in order to remain certified as a professional in certain fields. The intent behind requiring this training is to force professionals to continue to update their knowledge of pertinent information that can improve their ability to serve their clients.

Domain-Related Activities, like :

  • Taking an online self-paced, blended or instructor-led educational course
  • Reading a magazine, book or whitepaper
  • Publishing a book, whitepaper or article
  • Attending a conference (in-person or virtual), educational course, seminar or presentation
  • Preparing for a presentation or teaching information related to information security.
  • Performing a unique work-related project that is not a part of your normal work duties
  • Self-study related to research for a project or preparing for a certification examination
  • Volunteering for government, public sector, and other charitable organizations
  • Taking a higher education course
  • Teaching / Lecturing / Presenting
  • Mentoring
  • Industry-wide recognition of your skill and experience
  • Peer networking, mentoring and global resources
  • Stand out in the crowd for job opportunities and promotions
  • Access to a variety of research, expert guidance, industry insight and continuous education

Anyone who attended at least 80% of our conference activities, or delivered a speaking sessions, or finished a training course, Program, Webinar delivered by AlBrza Experts / Talents is legible to get the CPE certificate with some amount of credits depend on the activity it self.

  • Register & login in your Account at AlBrza Platform,
  • Attend or join published activities 
  • complete the minimum requirements as mentioned, 
  • submit your feedback,
  • submit your request form on how you would like to get your name on the certificate, and the language of the certificate,
  • once our systems validate all the informations will generate your certificate automatically 

After you get your CPEs, you can:

  • submit them to the International bodies that request it,
  • share your certificate with your employer to verify it only, and get promotion,
  • share it with your social network,
  • add it to your CV

Request your Certificate

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  • Conf. & Certs. Requirements
  • GDPR T&C

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