Blockchain for Business: The New Industrial Revolution

You have heard the term “blockchain”, right? But you are still not very clear what it is exactly. Or perhaps, you know something about it, but don’t understand how it […]

Updated January 14, 2023

About Course

You have heard the term “blockchain”, right? But you are still not very clear what it is exactly. Or perhaps, you know something about it, but don’t understand how it works, where its value comes from, and how is it developing currently. 

It is the technology powering crypto-assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others. And it has become the hottest field in the tech sector now.

Blockchain has the potential to change the world and few people realize all its far-reaching applications beyond Bitcoin.

Its disruptive potential has been compared to that of the Internet. That’s why people call it “the Internet of money” or “the Internet of value”. 

Now, compare this course to having a roadmap to the Internet in the early 1990s. A comprehensive guide that enables you to fully understand the new space and empowers you to make correct fully-informed decisions. You will be able to see new business opportunities before others do. You will be able to distinguish good ideas and projects from bad ones. You will learn how blockchain works and how it can be applied in various sectors. Moreover, you will get a new perspective on decentralized economic systems, which are expected to play a huge role in the future. This is the “sharing economy” 2.0 – powered by crypto-economics and blockchain.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Profound understanding of what blockchain and is its potential global impact
  • Develop a solid fundamental understanding of the inner workings of blockchain with detailed explanations of “mining”, decentralized consensus, cryptography, smart contracts and many other important concepts
  • Recognize the opportunities in the blockchain business landscape
  • Understand many popular and important blockchain projects and crypto-assets
  • Learn how many large corporations are already implementing blockchain technology
  • Have a clear and realistic view on the current state of blockchain technology with its issues, limitations and potential solutions that can take it to the next level
  • Learn why blockchain is referred to as the “internet of money”
  • Business applications of blockchain technology
  • Gain a broader perspective on innovation with the new paradigm and frameworks brought by blockchain including decentralized organizational structures, networks and applications
  • Project the potential impact of blockchain on many sectors like finance, consumer & retail, media, transportation & logistics, technology and the internet of things
  • Identify potential new tech leaders and how blockchain can impact the current tech giants like Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest important projects shaping up the emerging third generation of blockchain technology

Course Content

MODULE ( 1 )

  • Blockchain for Business – Introduction
  • How Blockchain will Change the world
  • The Rise of a new industry
  • Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies – the fastest growing market we have seen?
  • Welcome to the world of Blockchain
  • The Rationale behind cryptocurrencies
  • The Money
  • A brief history of money – from gold to digital money
  • Why cryptocurrencies are the next logical step in monetary evolution?
  • Bitcoin: Where it all Started
  • How Bitcoin was born
  • Early scientific breakthroughs
  • Major historic milestones preceding Bitcoin’s creation
  • Understanding the idea behind Bitcoin
  • The advantages of a decentralized payment system

MODULE ( 2 )

MODULE ( 3 )

MODULE ( 4 )

MODULE ( 5 )

MODULE ( 6 )

MODULE ( 7 )

MODULE ( 8 )

MODULE ( 9 )

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Blockchain for Business: The New Industrial Revolution
Duration 30 hours
121 Lessons

Material Includes

  • Training Materials in PDF format
  • After passing the related Bootcamp requirements ( Exam, or Research, Capstone project ) attendees will be qualified to get Certification of achievements Name will be : Global Certified Executive in Blockchain ( GCE | Blockchain )


  • Anyone interested in Accounting, Finance, Financial Technology or related fields.
  • To have passion for Fintch and new technologies
  • Have basic understanding of Financial services industry (not must)


  • Those who are passionate to learn about most disruptive technology right away!
  • People who want to learn more about how blockchain and Bitcoin are impacting the world through real world applications examples
  • Professionals who want to understand how Blockchain influencing industries where they are working
  • Any students in college who want to start a career in Blockchain
  • Anyone interested in Blockchain and Blockchain applications
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